New Music – July 2005

Wow – I’m late on this. Here’s what’s in my new music folder for this month:

Man-Made – Teenage Fanclub
Live at Noe Valley Ministry – Kristin Hersh – really good show, she was in rare form (I was there). This is an official bootleg on emusic to make it even better
Shake the Sheets – Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
Going Somewhere – Colin Hay
Wherever you are – David Mead
Ex Hex – Mary Timoney
Love is Red – David Poe
What Became of the Libertines – The Libertines

I really like the David Mead cd otherwise nothing earth shattering this month. (that is other than the new Harry Potter!)

One thought on “New Music – July 2005

  1. If you ever get a chance to hear Colin Hay perform live, do it. He’s funny, personable, and does a great live show. I had the delightful experience of seeing him perform in Chicago on Valentine’s Day 2004. I got to meet him afterwards (I had a long wait for a cab) and he was pretty cool. He’s touring right now, and I’m going to see him at the Birchmere here in DC.

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