Top 5 cds from 2005

I think I’m doing this primarily so that at the end of this year I’ll have a reference – so here you go (click on the cd name to go to the album and click on emusic to sign up)

  • Adam Richman – Patience and Silence (found at eMusic) – This is one of the best power-pop cd’s I’ve heard in years. Check out songs such as “Warsaw” and “Baby I’ve Changed”
  • Aimee Mann – The Forgotten Arm – Aimee as great as she always is but this time a concept cd. Listen for the songs “Video” and “Going through the motions”
  • David Mead – Wherever you Are (found at eMusic) – Sounds more like Mead’s cd Mine and Yours from 2001 rather than last years Indiana and that suits me fine. I like the subtle pop moreso than the country crooner thing. Apparently this cd should have been released a couple years ago – it’s only six songs, but they’re all great.
  • Kathleen Edwards – Back to Me – Edward’s lyrics are up there with Rilo Kiley in their intelligence and wit. I wish more people would listen to her.
  • Sleater-Kinney – The Woods – Also the best concert I’ve seen this year. Just amazing musicians and a visceral sound.

Other honorable mentions would be Spoon – Gimme Fiction and Decemberists – Picaresque both of which can be found at eMusic as well as Coldplay’s X&Y

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