Batman Begins – Something new please

Saw Batman Begins this weekend and I’ll say this first – it was a very good and entertaining movie. Now that that’s said I’ll say this: why are there no new ideas at the theater anymore? Everything is a remake (War of the Worlds), a sequel (in addition to Batman – Star Wars Episode III), a popular TV show turned into a movie (Bewitched, the Honeymooners, and The Dukes of Hazzard). Don’t let me forget the fact that every action movie has to come from a comic book (seriously, who’s excited about The Fantastic Four?)

Here’s my opinion – the easiest thing for a movie studio to do is to create a movie with a pedigree – from a comic, a novel, tv show, sequel, etc. With each passing year, these movies are made with more frequency pushing out the truly creative movies. Most people go to the movies for an escape – but if all the movies are familiar, then the escape is mundane.

Time for the studios to give us something new (please before the Da Vinci Code is released).

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