Strong recommendations from June

Alright here are my thoughts on the cd’s I’ve been listening to this month….

The best of the month

  1. The Woods – Sleater-Kinney – Click Here for a review I wrote earlier this month
  2. Patience and Silence – Adam Richman (found on eMusic). This is a great power pop cd. I felt a little dissappointed in the Jim Boggia and Brendan Benson efforts, but Richman’s cd does best what those cd’s couldn’t.
  3. X&Y – Coldplay – It generally takes me awhile with their cds and this one is no different. The reviews have varied wildly. I guess my inital thoughts is that it sounds like a Coldplay cd – which is good and bad. The cd is insanely listenable – great tunes like “Fix Me”, “Square One”, and “Speed of Sound” are classic Coldplay. But there are so many bands doing the Coldplay thing right now – even the standard bearer can sound a bit stale. I think this is why bands such as Radiohead with Kid A and Amnesiac, U2 with Zooropa and Pop, and REM with Monster have at times changed their sound dramatically at times – in order to leave the followers behind.

Dissappointment of the month…

  • Blinking Lights and Other Revelations – Eels. I didn’t like this album when Beck did it with Sea Change. (found on eMusic)

Jury still out on…

  1. Face the Truth – Stephen Malkmus (found on eMusic)
  2. Man-Made – Teenage Fanclub (found on eMusic)
  3. Don’t Believe the Truth – Oasis

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