What the fuck was I thinking – Volume 1

OK – When you listen to as much music as I do, sometimes you miss something or just don’t get it the first time through. I’m talking about those artists that I listened to before and either didn’t or did like and then changed position 180 degrees.

So here is my inaugural “What the fuck was I thinking” list – to be updated periodically as I clean the wax out of my ears.

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Gomez – I had their cd Liquid Skin for a couple of years on a recommendation. Never listened to it – and then at some point in 2004 realized how good they were.

PJ Harvey – I really must have been high on this one. Because of the song she did with Thom Yorke called “The Mess We’re In” from Stories from the City – Stories from the Sea – I decided to take a listen again. I had her cd To Bring You My Love when it was released back in 1995 and hated it. I screwed up royal on this one.

Sleater-Kinney – I Had their The Hot Rock for years. Carrie Brownstein’s voice can be tough to get past, but recently I can’t stop listening to them. They are among the best musicians in modern rock, especially drummer Janet Weiss.

The Cardigans – This band I simply dismissed thinking that they were light and without substance. After hearing the song “Live and Learn” on the TV show Grey’s Anatomy, I picked up the cd Long Gone Before Daylight. Lead singer and songwriter Nina Person tends to be more brooding than I ever expected from the person that wrote “Lovefool”. Listen the the song “And Then You Kissed Me”.

That’s enough for now – but tell me your “what the fucks”

2 thoughts on “What the fuck was I thinking – Volume 1

  1. when i was in high school i wrote for the youth page of the city’s paper. i had the chance to interview this band that was just releasing it’s first major label album, but the concert where i would meet them was the same night as a party i wanted to go to. so i turned down the interview. the band was the tea party (canadian, don’t know if they’re in the states or not…) i love the band now. had no clue who they were then.

    i realize, not quite what you were after, but still a wtfwit kind of moment for me…

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